Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book?

Just phone or email the practice. You do not need to be previously registered with us. We will usually be able to offer you a slot within the next month.

Where are you based?

We operate out of the Arc Veterinary Centre in Muswell Hill. We initially provided this service solely for our own clients but think it is so much better than the old way of doing things we wanted everyone to benefit. The practice is situated under the Arches of an old railway viaduct which is now a thriving nature reserve

Can I park?

We have three parking spaces reserved for clients of the practice and in the unlikely event they are occupied there is free on-road parking on St James Lane.

Will it hurt?

Yes. It is still surgery and it will still hurt a bit. We hate causing pain and we believe this procedure is the least painful way of neutering dogs. That's why we want to do it. 

Do you have to tell my regular vet?

Yes. It is a professional courtesy and in your pet's best interest that we know of any preceding conditions and your regular vet knows what procedure has been carried out. This is normal practice and almost all vets will request or give out clinical notes on a daily basis. Most vets regard neutering as a bit of a chore, with low or zero profit margin so are usually happy to have it done by somebody else!

What are the risks?

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia (GA) and animals can die as a result of being anaesthetised. The risk is very small, vets may hope to get through an entire career without losing an otherwise healthy patient to anaesthetic related death. This study placed the risk of healthy animal dying under GA at 0.05%.

More common complications include; infection, wound breakdown, seroma formation, herniation or bleeding. These usually require either no treatment or simple medication. Very rarely pets may need a second surgery. If this is necessary we will carry it out free of charge. 


In rare circumstances (pregnancy, anatomical abnormalities, uncontrolled bleeding, instrument failure) it may be necessary to convert the keyhole procedure into a routine abdominal incision. If this happens you will only be charged for a routine spay. 

How much does it cost?

From £600. This is an all in fee. It includes all drugs, monitoring and post op care. It does not include any pre-anaesthetic blood tests but these are not usually indicated for healthy young dogs. If you wish to see your regular vet for post op care they will charge you separately. 

When should I do it?

We typically recommend neutering bitches at six months of age. There may be some specific reasons why you would wish to let them have a season first in which case we would neuter them 3 months after. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons in detail.